Wagner Reloaded
15. July 2013
On the occasion of Richard Wagner's 200th birthday, the stage spectacle "Wagner Reloaded" was created in cooperation with choreographer Gregor Seyffert, multimedia artists Mickey and Dita McCooper, the rock cellists Apocalyptica from Finland and the MDR Symphony Orchestra Leipzig. A visual and musical firework that attracted more than 40,000 viewers from all over the world to the live premiere in June 2013. The visitors celebrated with us in July 2013 at the opening of the MDR Music Summer, the...

02. December 2009
In cooperation with choreographer Gregor Seyffert, the Thuringian Theater and Philharmonic and their ballet ensemble, we realized an extraordinary cross-genre dance theater piece. With a spectacular digital video stage design and innovative ballet choreographies, the piece won the coveted Theater Oscar of the city of Thuringia twice in a row (2009/2010) as the live show with the best attendance. The headlights go out with the life light of the crucified one. The stage, which is already dark, is...

Valkyrie – Return of a Myth
22. January 2009
McCooper´s disturbing Works on “Valkyrie – Return of a Myth” by Martin Bayer for WARTIST - 22. Jan.2009 Reading on the current coverage of today’s German release date of the movie Valkyrie, I came across the both impressive and disturbing works of Mickey and Dita McCooper. Today, I confine myself to his performance and photographic series “Valkyrie – Return of a Myth” from 2007. Like most of his works, Valkyrie too is disturbing and full of (at least subliminal) violence. The...

Marquis de Sade
01. August 2008
Marquis De Sade is a dance event of superlatives. With more than 75 dancers and 200 participants, the ballet spectacle in the former brown coal power plant Vockerode on the Elbe in 2008 and 2009 became a crowd puller that is second to none. Here you can look back and get a small impression of what became reality with the power of imagination. Starting today, a total of 90 performances of the cross-genre action spectacle will be presented on 30 evenings in the disused Vockerode power plant. More...

Peri - An Angel between Heaven and Earth
15. April 2007
"An oratorio, but not for the prayer room - but for cheerful people" - this is how Robert Schumann described "Paradise and the Peri", his oriental fairy tale of salvation about the path of suffering and perfection of the light being Peri. This seems to call for a cheerful break from the rigid form and to turn a respectable concert into an event: "A staged oratorio" is in the program of the 8th Schumann Festival in Düsseldorf, and it was to be the highlight of the renovated festival. In...

03. February 2007
EYEMAZING MAGAZINE Publisher: Picture Booklets Publishers, Amsterdam Editor in Chief / Artistic Director: Susan A. Zadeh (Founder) Interview by Clyton Maxwell

Berlin Invasion
24. March 2006
For a solo exhibition McCooper created this series of photos under the motto "Invasion of digital images". After the exhibition, all works went into the hands of private collectors and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, Netherlands. May the force be with them!