Dita & Mickey McCooper are an artist duo based in germany (both born 1972), whom met in the year 2000. Since then they have been an inseparable unit in art, life and love.
Their artworks reflect contemporary developments and creative visions and utopias of past and future social structures emerging under the impact of different cultures, religions, lifestyles and modern technologies.
Simulation and hyperreality are the foundations underpinning their art, in the digital montage disparate analogue, digital and computer-generated visual elements fuse to create a new form of imagery.

The videocamera, photocamera, the computer and miniature models are equally privileged tools in their creative process as are graffiti and acrylic and oil painting.

In a time of exponential acceleration and transformation McCOOPER`s work as multi-media artists is an attempt to sound out the possibilities inherent in the real.

"Our goal is very simple. To communicate the human experience at a level that human beings can recognize and relate to. That may be a personal statement. It may be a political statement. But whatever it is, it all comes from the same point of reference: the experiences we share as people of this planet."