Wagner Reloaded, 2013

More than 10,000 visitors celebrated with us in July 2013 at the opening of the MDR Music Summer, the stage spectacle of dance, artistry, object theatre, audiovisual media and LIVE concert with the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the MDR Radio Choir, the Finnish cello rock band "Apocalyptica" and over 120 participants who made Richard Wagner's comprehensive life's work come alive.
The overwhelming success and the great atmosphere in the ARENA Leipzig, which gave you goosebumps, still resonates with us and in the media.

The MDR wrote: "'Wagner_Reloaded' literally took the audience's breath away." And BILD was successful: "It was pure madness...!"

Menschensohn, 2009

The headlights go out with the life light of the crucified one. The stage, which is already dark, is completely immersed in black, only one candle is still burning. A glimmer of hope? Excruciatingly long seconds of anxiety, of pain that you can almost feel yourself, of apparent breathlessness pass before the hurricane breaks out.


Thunderous applause, cheers, trampling and almost sensational 15 minutes of standing ovations.

Marquise De Sade, 2008

Starting today, a total of 90 performances of the cross-genre action spectacle will be presented on 30 evenings in the disused Vockerode power plant. More than 75 performers and 200 participants will bring the colossal industrial cathedral on the Elbe to life with the visually stunning, stirring work of art for ten weeks, every Friday to Sunday.

The unique industrial architecture merges with the evocative world of ideas of the D.A.F. Marquis de Sade, one of the most colorful and controversial figures of the 18th century. Fragile dance and martial activism; Music of the 18th century versus punk rock and industrial sounds: A feast for the senses.

Paradise and the Peri, 2007

"An oratorio, but not for the prayer room - but for cheerful people" - this is how Robert Schumann described "Paradise and the Peri", his oriental fairy tale of salvation about the path of suffering and perfection of the light being Peri.


This seems to call for a cheerful break from the rigid form and to turn a respectable concert into an event: "A staged oratorio" is in the program of the 8th Schumann Festival in Düsseldorf, and it was to be the highlight of the renovated festival.

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