“Art is a lie that lets us see the truth.“

Totems, 2009

Photography, Installation, Reflex Musueum of contemporary Art, Amsterdam

Valkyrie - Return of a Myth, 2007

Photography, Live Performance at Palace of the Republic Berlin, Solo Exhibition at Kunst.Kraft.Werk Vockerode

Berlin Invasion, 2006

Photography, Photodesign, Solo Exhibition at Berlin Art Weeks

Wasteland - Children of the Evolution, 2006

Photography, Live Performance, Solo Exhibition at Kunst.Kraft.Werk Vockerode

Toys - games without Frontiers, 2005

Photography, Installation for REFLEX Musuem of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam

Planet of the Elders, 2004

Photography, Photodesign, Installation

Everything becomes Porn, 2001

Photography, Photodesign, Lightbox Installation