"My goal is very simple. To communicate the human experience at a level that human beings can recognize and relate to. That may be a personal statement. It may be a political statement. But whatever it is, it all comes from the same point of reference: the experiences we share as people of this planet."

Born in 1972, Mickey McCooper is intensively and consistently dealing with war, religion and violence in his artistic work.

At the end of the 1980s, he wanted to become a jet fighter pilot, but a nearly fatal accident changed his life as well as his perception of it: instead of pursuing a military career, he began to work artistically. His approach is multidisciplinary, including scenic photography, filmmaking, performances and fine arts. His subjects are based on a society that is being shaped by war, consumerism, politics, fashion, drugs, entertainment and constant propaganda.


In the early 1990s he was trained as a film director and specialist in visual effects.
Under the leadership of international directors and producers, he  worked on film and advertising projects in Germany, the USA, Mexico and Great Britain.
In the mid-1990s, McCooper set up his own studio as a freelance director and special effects artist in Stuttgart Germany. He  produced numerous music videos, commercials and shortfilms, as well as special visual effects for major cinema productions.
In 2001 McCooper left the film industry to devote himself exclusively to the fine arts, theater and ballet productions and moved to Berlin to open up new fields of activity.

McCooper´s artworks reflect contemporary developments and creative visions and utopias of past and future social structures emerging under the impact of different cultures, lifestyles and modern technologies.

Simulation and hyperreality are the foundations underpinning his art, in the digital montage disparate analogue, digital and computer-generated visual elements fuse to create a new form of imagery.
The videocamera, photocamera, the computer and miniature models are equally privileged tools in his creative process as are graffiti and acrylic and oil painting.

In a time of exponential acceleration and transformation McCooper´s work as a multi-media artist is an attempt to sound out the possibilities inherent in the real.